Atlantis Group is an all inclusive, state of the art audio recording and post-production studio located in Santa Monica/Los Angeles, California. We are equipped to provide a multitude of services for advertising agencies, television and motion picture production companies, video game developers, audiobook publishers, interactive and web media, and everything in between.


Record, Edit, and Mix Audio
Record Voice-Over Talent and ADR
ISDN, Phone Patch, Skype, Source Connect
Sound Design and Foley
Lock to Picture
Encode and Transmit Internet or Game Ready Audio
Location Recording
Produce Voice-Over Demos


Digital Audio Workstation: ProTools, VoicePro
Microphones: Sennheiser, Neumann, AudioTechnica, AKG, Sony, Shure
Outboard: Avalon, Neve, API, Empirical Labs, dbx, Getner
Speakers: Genelec, Yamaha, Auratone, DynaudioAcoustics
Sound Effects and Needledrop Libraries: many